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How Do You Manage Your, "I'm not good enough, Gremlin?"

The first step is to identify your Gremlin. Where is he from? When did she first appear? Was there one life event that sticks out to you, or did he arrive over time, one little moment of self doubt at a time?

Perhaps you didn’t get the best grades in school or you weren’t the best athlete. Maybe your Gremlin was trying to protect you from failing and feeling embarrassed, rather than encouraging you to give it your all. It protects you until it is certain you know how to get back up and brush it off.

Once you identify your Gremlin, give it a name. Not a name that reminds you of someone, like your x-partner, or mother-in-law, for example but a physical name like Bob or Jenny, for instance. Naming your Gremlin makes it more real. It allows you to separate yourself from the mean things you’re telling yourself.

Now that you are a high achieving executive, you no longer fear failure. Failure is just data collected. We learn more from our failures than we ever could from our successes. High achievers know how to fail fast, and move forward even faster.

All experiences are opportunities for growth.

Easier said than done right? Sometimes your inner Gremlin can take years to defeat, hiding in threads and events that may seem benign, others aren’t quite as cunning, and can be tossed aside with little effort at all. Whatever Gremlins you are working on, however they show up, you have the ability to prevail.

All truth lies within. You are wiser than you know, now let your inner wisdom speak, check in with your Gremlin regularly. You control your Gremlin, not your fear. Click here if you want to dig deeper.


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