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Private coaching for investment professionals to climb higher in your career and enjoy the life you've worked hard to create

For Investment Professionals

The Apex
Investment Professionals 
Coaching Program is perfect for you if...

  • You are wanting to make a significant change or transition but don’t know where to start

  • You want to up your negotiation skills, better navigate office politics and show up with the gravitas you know you can embody

  • You finally get the promotion. Your years of hard work have paid off, but the fear of failing can be overwhelming at times. You need to figure out how to step into your new role as your most confident self 

  • You didn’t get the promotion you’d been expecting. The skills that got you here are not working anymore. Time to dig in and come up with a different game plan

  • You feel stuck in your current job/role and are looking for clarity on whether there may be a better role at your current firm. A role that's fulfilling and motivating enough to bring the passion back. If that role doesn’t exist, then you need help to chart a path forward

  • You are striving to demonstrate mastery of all the deal execution elements so that you can continue to climb higher and faster

  • You are feeling less engaged and motivated than your normal achiever self

I would love to help.

What if you had a
dedicated coach who

  • Built their own successful career in finance and intimately understands the unique terrain you are traversing.


  • Understands that this world is different from any other, it moves fast & everyone has motives, even your family. 

  • Supports you to clarify your vision for success, allowing you to figure out exactly what it is you want to achieve and then creating a plan to make it happen. ​

  • Has the experience to craft a trail map to guide you to successfully optimize your leadership strengths. Helps you pivot and sidestep the crevasses and supports you to motivate your team in a way that feels authentic, rather than forced.

  • Recognizes the weight of each and every deal, as it rests on your shoulders. ​

  • Is willing to say the uncomfortable thing to you, that thing you know you need to hear, but the rest of your team is too afraid to say.

  • Is your confidant to help you navigate firm politics with ease and a bit of grit, as you source deals, manage your teams, and reach the next apex of your career. 

  • Gives you tailored support to help you grow faster than your competitors, so you can take on the next challenge sooner than you imagined. ​






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